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Comfortable couch (W222)

Comfortable front seats (W222)

RIDA Armored Car based on Toyota Land Cruiser 200 equipped with an installed armored capsule. It is developed using the latest design technologies like 3D-modeling. RIDA armored capsule conceals all car protective features despite consisting of numerous armored components (power hinges, window raisers, etc.). RIDA Factory specialists use more than 100 patented innovations to create this protection level. Own bulletproof glass factory, laser stations, robotic machines, engineering centre - all of them employed to manufacture reliable armored vehicles establishing new quality standards.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200, the most popular model of RIDA Armored Vehicles. This SUV features a number of functions enabling to drive in extreme road conditions. The reliability of this vehicle combined with a high tech armoring ensures your safety at any force action.